Powerful creation from Faith – Part 2

Action Points

Now that you’re aware of this equation you can begin to look out for the signs that indicate which route your life is taking.


Start to observe your behaviour in a variety of situations throughout the day. When do you get angry? What happens that makes you sad? What triggers self pity? When do you feel ‘down’ and when do you feel ‘up’?  When you notice your response to a certain stimulus, make a note of it on a piece of paper. On the left hand side make a note of all the feelings and reactions you no longer want to experience and on the right hand side make a note of those feelings or situations that are pleasant and that you’d like to continue to experience. Do this for about a week.

At the end of that week you will have a comprehenisve list of what your daily highs and lows are and will be able to see the general direction in which your life is travelling.


Next, look at what is in the left hand column and think about why you react that way when a particular stimulus is applied. So for instance – why are you so hurt when no-one compliments you on that new dress? What triggers you getting so angry when you’re cut off in traffic? How come you’re afraid when you think of the ‘past due’ elecrticity bill? Similarly, why does watching the sunrise fill you with peace? What is it that makes your heart swell with pride when you’re complimented? What is it that enables you and your spouse to never go to bed angry with each other?

When you’ve looked deep enough and found the root of each of these reactions to stimuli, you will have found the REAL belief behind the manifested reality. This where you will be able to see that your deep seated belief that you don’t have what it takes to be successful, keeps you poor; that your innate belief in the goodness of love, keeps your relationships strong and that your utter conviction that people who are taken advantage of will never succeed keeps you fighting.

…See you tomorrow for Part 3

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