Powerful creation from Faith – Part 3

Action Points cont’d…


So now you get to decide which of the beliefs you woudl like to keep and which you would like to change. As far as I’m concerned the only way to get rid of the darkness is to shine light on it, which leaves it no place to go but out. In my case, the Truth I know is the Truth of the Bible.

So I take the belief that I no longer want to manifest in my life and find the real Truth about it. I then merely substitute the lie for the Truth – it’s that simple. So where you may have previously believed that your worth comes only from the amount and quality of work you do, you can now substitute it with the Truth that says you are of tremendous worth just because God loves you. Whereas you may previously have believed that you could live life as you pleased, you can now understand that what you sow you WILL reap and therefore it would be wise to concentrate on what you sow.


The next step is to visualise yourself living according to your new beliefs. See yourself truly happy, with a deeply contented smile on your face and peace in your heart. See yourself deal with problems in a calm and rational way and coming up with the best solution for all involved. Picture your relationships flourishing – with your spouse, your family, friends, work colleagues and strangers.


This is the most freeing technique I know. It makes you consciously aware of what belief mechanisms are operating in your life and gives you the means to be able to eradicate those you no longer wish to live by and substitute them for the Truth you do wish to see manifest in your life. Imagine living the kind of life you truly desire and as you replace the old erroneous beliefs and substitute them for the Truth, you will see this life become your reality.

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