Powerful creation from faith – Part 1


 Powerful creation from faith   Part 1

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What is faith?

It has often been said that fear is the opposite of faith, but I’d like to offer a different explanation.

Faith is actually TOTAL belief in something – be it a religion, a person or a way of doing something - it is TOTAL. Faith is completely intertwined with, and fuelled by, emotion which is the rocket fuel that gives faith its power.

What route will your faith take?

So, if our belief is the basis of our reality; faith gives us the ability to totally believe the belief, and emotion gives the equation the rocket fuel needed in order to manifest the belief into reality. You see, what we believe and have total faith in, is the basic substance from which we create our manifested version of reality.

What is it then that gives this whole equation its direction? 

There are two roots that determine the route that a belief will take. The one root is fear of the hurt of what we percieve as bad and the other root is the hopeful expectation of what we perceive as good. It is one of these two roots that determine which route our belief system will take and thus, what will manifest in our reality.

…See you tomorrow for Part 2

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