Self confidence – The Truth behind the myth

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I love ME Self confidence   The Truth behind the mythIt has often been said of me that I’m self-confident. Today, I’m sitting down to figure out what that really means.

The dictionary definition of ‘self-confident’ is:

1. realistic confidence in one’s own judgment, ability, power, etc.

2. excessive or inflated confidence in one’s own judgment, ability etc.

Isn’t that interesting? Where do we draw the line between realistic and excessive or inflated confidence? Who determines which is which and where the one becomes the other? Thoughts differ between societies, social groups and even families. One person’s natural confidence can be seen as excessive by someone who is shy etc.

Basically, when it comes right down to it, it means to be confident in one’s own ability to perform tasks, be successful and generally cope well with life (whether that be realistic or inflated).

Now, as Christians, we’re continually told by God that we don’t have to rely on our own abilities, judgment or power. We acknowledge that God is far greater at everything than we could ever be. And what a relief that is!

Just realizing that God knows more about the situations we face than we do, brings me a great sense of peace. I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that my own limited abilities don’t have to be what determines my success. I can rely on God who knows everything, to come alongside me and work everything out.


Now that doesn’t mean to say that we are useless, weak and incompetent. Quite the opposite in fact. God Himself created us for a specific purpose. He lovingly concentrated on each one of us as He put together exactly what we would be like. The color of our eyes and hair, the shape of our body, our personality type, our likes and dislikes and – even right down to our sense of humor and what we would find funny. Such great, specific and loving attention to detail in itself means that we are amazing and have every right to be confident in who God made us to be.

Think about it. There is no-one else like you in the whole world. Even biologically nearly identical twins are their own unique person. Add to that the combinations of different experiences we all go through and the different way we see and react to what happens to us throughout life and you can see that these all contribute to making each of us into a tapestry consisting of millions of individual strands, that make up a unique and intricately beautiful person.

So, when we look at the definition above we realize that we don’t have to rely on only our own:

  • Judgment
  • Ability
  • Power

When it comes to being able to judge a situation, God is amazing at it. He knows just what to do in any given situation, which will cause it to turn out perfectly according to His bigger view of things.

God’s ability to do anything is greater than ours. The beautiful thing is that he wants to do things WITH us. That’s the nature of relationship. That’s Him adding his ‘super’ to our ‘natural’ and making it…(you guessed it) SUPERNATURAL!

God is the most powerful being that exists. Over and over throughout the Bible He tells us that we don’t have to do things in our own power. He is right there waiting for us to ask Him to help. He absolutely delights in being with us as we discover the astounding things He’s put in place on the earth. It puts a big smile on His face when we want to do things with Him, want to learn from Him and want to spend each day with Him.

Wow, what a privilege we have!

When all is said and done it basically comes down to the fact that it is confidence in who God made us to be and what He made us to do, that should be what we measure our ‘self-confidence’ by. Then we’re free to have excessive and inflated confidence in God’s ability in, through and WITH us!



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