Sour Grapes Anyone?

Grapes 300x289 Sour Grapes Anyone?Sour Grapes - Refers to envious behaviour, especially pretending to not care for something one does not or cannot have… (

Isn’t it galling when you’ve been dreaming about something for ages, working toward it, sweating for it…and then someone else seems to get exactly what you wanted with apparently little or no effort?

One of two things can occur when that happens. A) either throw in the towel or B) it makes you even more determined to get what you want!

However, regardless of which path it makes you take, one thing is for sure – sour grapes will stop you moving forward!

Let go of being resentful of what other people have or get and just wish them well instead. Then, concentrate on getting what you want REGARDLESS of what others have, and you will have let go of resentment and have your full power back in order to reach your own goals.

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