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Lisa is an award winning public speaker who has studied and taught the art of self transformation for well over a decade, imparting life changing truths to both individuals and audiences who are frustrated with ‘HERE’ and are ready to get ‘THERE’.

She is a lively and passionate speaker engaging her audience as she takes them with her on a journey from self revelation through to self transformation. She encourages her audience to believe in better; believe in themselves and create and live their best life – starting today.

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Me, scared of Public Speaking? – No way!

Did you know that the fear of speaking in public is recorded as the thing people are even more afraid of than dying? In this interactive workshop, Lisa takes you on a safe journey where the skills that can be learned to help harness those butterflies and make them fly in formation can be used straight away.


‘If you can heal your heart, you can heal your life’

Lisa passionately believes that you can change the state of your heart because it’s within our hearts that our motivating factors lie. Once your heart is healed, your thoughts and your actions automatically follow. She will show you how to live from a place of fundamental truth that will form the bedrock of a perception shift that will alter the way you ‘do life’.

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