Stop the downhill slide…


help 350x350 Stop the downhill slide...We all experience destructive thought patterns, every day, don’t we? Thoughts that make us feel scared. Thoughts that make us imagine the worst. Thoughts that get us feeling down and hopeless.

It must be one of the most taught subjects in Christian circles and yet we all still suffer with them all through the day. In my mentoring and counseling sessions, it is brought up over and over again – sometimes to the point where the person can’t even see the Truth of what God says because the fear has taken such a strong hold on them that it’s all they see.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, we know that God’s Truth is the antidote to that poison. It is the only thing that stands any chance of getting rid of fear and anxiety. It’s the only thing that totally turns the fear we’re feeling into a feeling of peace, calm and the hope of good. I guess the thing that we really need an answer to is:

“How do we get to the place where the Word is so real and relevant to us that the process of replacing the devil’s lies, with God’s truth, happens faster than it currently does?”

Hmmmm…now that’s a question!

Let’s look at it logically. The problems are:

  • We slip into negative thinking (listening to and acting on the doubt that the devil is constantly whispering to us)
  • We allow ourselves to stay in that fear until it consumes our thinking and it’s all we concentrate on and it becomes our reality
  • We act from that place of fear and start relying on ourselves for solutions
  • Because we’re applying an inferior solution to the problem (in our own might), we get an imperfect solution which only goes part way to solving the issue
  • We get even more scared and depressed because nothing seems to be completely solving the problem. As a result we feel stuck in the cycle – never really getting out of it and hopelessness starts settling in.

It seems to me that if we can work with God to stop the process at step number 1, we stand the best chance of not going down that route at all. Phew…

So, how do we REALLY do this? Not just theory, but something that REALLY works – time after time after time.

The Holy Spirit has really been helping me with this issue lately. This is what He’s been teaching me:

  • Ask Me to help you to recognize when you’re slipping into negative thinking (my part). I’ll interrupt the train of thoughts long enough for you to become aware that you’re thinking them. (God’s part)
  • Then, actively replace the lie with My Truth. Counteract the fear that is rising up with the solid, loving promises I give you. (My part)
  • This Truth encourages you and lifts you out of the fear. Now, turn and laugh at the devil, reminding him that what he tried to use to break you, is now actually the catalyst for increasing your faith in God! “Take that!” (The Result)

Hope this helps you as much as it has helped me. In fact, I believe it will – if you do your part and let the Holy Spirit do His.

Love it!

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