When I’ve been facing problems or have been in a bad place Lisa has always had the right words for the situation I am going through.  She is not afraid to challenge my thinking and get me to focus on things in a new way.  She is certainly one of the people I allow to speak into my life!

Rebekah Millward
Lisa is a remarkable person with a genuine passion and desire to see people do better in their lives. I have had the privilege of working with Lisa over the last 2 years and I have been repeatedly struck by her commitment, dedication and pursuit of excellence.

Julian Okoye
In the time I have known Lisa, she has proved to be a woman of value, character and integrity. On and off the stage, she does not only talk the talk but she walks the walk.

Baba Fagbongbe
Lisa van den Berg is an amazing woman of God, and I say this because she is a wonderful woman who will inspire you and encourage you to live the life God has planned for you.

I am the person I am today because of all the help and guidance she has given me in my life.

I am proud to call her my mentor, my closest friend and above all I am blessed to call her my mother.

Bianca van den Berg
Pete t Testimonials"I count Lisa as a personal friend and fellow treasure finder. She is an accomplished communicator and trainer with a big heart for people. Her resourcefulness and meticulous personality places her in a unique position to aid you and your organisation in the developmental process."

Pete Davies
Lisa’s graciousness and patience have always provided a safe place for me to talk through the issues of life. She has spent many an hour with selfless enthusiasm to help me move forward into healing and restoration from past hurts.

Through her wealth of knowledge, wisdom and willingness to share experiences, she has helped me to strengthen and value my relationships, especially with my husband and son.

I would highly recommend her One to One Coaching as she can help you to understand the unique purpose for your life and how to live each day, well.

Gill Wilkinson
Lisa is one of the most charismatic speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. No matter what the subject matter, Lisa speaks with enthusiasm and a very genuine belief in her topic. Over the years I have listened to Lisa, I have learnt many things, some of which I have taken on board and acted on. Not only are her speeches inspirational, they have integrity and honesty as the over-riding theme, you know that her every word comes from her heart. Lisa is a warm and generous speaker...

Sharron von Tutschek
Lisa is a very experienced speaker who really knows how to capture and lead the imagination of an audience. She uses many techniques including story telling to take us on a personal journey of discovery and insight. This really helps bring meaning to our experience of the world when listening to Lisa's wisdom.

Justin Staig-Graham
Lisa radiates life, both passion and enthusiasm. She is a true professional who knows her craft and has dedicated her life to helping others.

Ronald Howie
Terri t TestimonialsThank you so much its very kind of you to go to the trouble of making this video its very much appreciated. I have downloaded the form and will follow your advice, this will lead to a better 40 seconds for getting across just exactly what I have to offer.

Terri Stubbings
My Virtual PA

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