I have now seen 2 of Lisa's 4sights (public speaking), really enjoyable, you leave with plenty of useful insights, highly recommended.

Allan MacDougall
Dear Lisa. I read your blog and I was amazed how much God was speaking to me through it! It was very helpful and I do try to apply your wisdom to my life. I was always beating myself up about things. I have never felt more blessed than when I read your blog. I'm so grateful to God for sharing it with me.

Lisa, you are like the grit in my oyster shell - on bad days I want to unfriend you , you are so irritatingly positive with your simple messages of small steps to change! If I did you'd probably send a postcard - 'thinking of you!' So today I decided to embrace your advice and make the changes and see where it leads me, may be a pearl?

Thank you for being you. Awesome Lisa

Jenny O
Hi Lisa. I really appreciated what you wrote on your diamond page about not fearing and God holding us in the palm of his hand. I am in the BRI again, fortunately no where near as bad as i have been, as the infected appendix removed.

My wonderful husband prayed, even though he is not quite conviced about God yet. I told him about what I had read, that 'God had this one in his hand'. It was so wonderful to see him nod and agree.

Thank you Lisa!! You are an angel on earth!!

Elizabeth S

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