TGIF 350x291 TGIF or TGIM?One of the amazing revelations that I’ve received lately is the fact that, as Christians, we get to be excited about waking up and starting a new week.

For years the slogan TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) has been going around. It basically means that we’re glad the grind of Monday to Friday is over and now we get to do what we love, on the weekend.

Unfortunately, that also means that we dread going back to work on Monday morning.

I once heard the statistic that more people have heart attacks at 9am on a Monday morning than on any other day or time of the week. How astounding is that? There are really that many of us hating our 9-5 weekly routine? It really causes so much stress that the thought of going back to work at 9am on a Monday morning helps to bring on a heart attack? Wow!

As I sat thinking about this, I asked the Holy Spirit what could be done about it. I’m a born ‘fixer’ so my mind usually looks for a solution.

One of the things the Bible promises us is that the Holy Spirit will help us to do things, so as I sat thinking about this, a load of scriptures came to mind. Nowhere are we told to be afraid or stressed – in fact, quite the opposite.

Over and over again the Bible tells us ‘do not fear’. In fact, that happens over 300 times. God reassures us that He’s with us, that His plans for us are good and that He’s looking out for us. He says that there is nothing that can harm us if we’ll just trust in Him and stay close to Him. I love that picture. It’s like we’re hiding behind His legs and peeking out like a little child does. When the bully sees that our Dad is standing in front of us he suddenly loses all bravado and runs for his life! How cool is that!

So, if the Bible is telling us that there’s no need to stress then why are we still experiencing it? Well, that’s a loaded question right there! I have to get myself off the treadmill of negative thoughts, every day. I know that you do too. They seem to run away with us and before we know it we’re worried about the ‘if’s’ and ‘but’s’ that raise their ugly heads.

For many, many years I read through every ‘self-help’ book I could find. I’d make lists of ‘affirmations’ and repeat them daily while looking at myself in the mirror – willing myself to change. The thing is that I’d feel great for a few hours and then all of the pre-programmed beliefs would just come flooding back. I’ve found that trying to ‘convince’ myself to change only works for a little while and never really produces a permanent result.

One thing I have found out is that when I simply remind myself of what God says about Him and me, I feel better for a longer time each day. Sometimes I have to remember the Truth a couple of times during the day and sometimes the Holy Spirit just needs to come to my rescue and remind me Himself (which He loves to do).

It’s the Truth that sets us free. It’s the Word that has the ability to save our souls. It’s that special ingredient that is missing from self help books, but is so amazingly present in God’s word, that has the ability to get rid of the old mindsets and help us to really believe what God has to say about us instead.

So, we actually get to be a people who can look back at our week and be thankful for all that he has done. We get to be people who can wake up on a Monday morning and look forward, with a whole lot of hope in our hearts, to what He has in store for us in the coming week. Mondays can be a day filled with excitement and anticipation, knowing that whatever the day, and week, will bring, we have GOD on our side and He is looking after us! His plans are to make sure that we succeed and live a life that shows the world who He is. Now that’s something to get excited about.

So, as you wake up to this beautiful Monday morning, take a couple of your favourite verses from the Bible and remind yourself that God already knows what will happen today and He’s going to be with you through it all. Then you get to look at the day and say ‘TGIM’!

Woohoo! Monday, here we come!




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