The Adventure Begins…

“I’m sorry to have to tell you, but your test results reveal that you have Cancer”Adventure 350x271 The Adventure Begins...

That really was the catalyst that started this whole new episode in our walk with God.

Frans worked away from home during the week, returning on Friday and leaving again every Monday. He managed to get time off to be with me during the operation to remove the tumour, but had to return to work when I went through the 6 weeks of radiotherapy treatment. He descirbes this as a really critical time when he began to see life beyond work in a ‘corporate’ job. He was so torn – wanting desperately to be with me as I went through this phase, but unable to get transferred closer to home so that he could. So, we just held on to God and went through the period emerging with an ‘all clear for the moment’ prognosis.
During this time we both learned the power of trusting God through the difficult bits of life and we came out stronger and more in love with Him than ever.

18 months later, another life transforming event took place. After years of being so broke that we sometimes couldn’t afford to eat, I decided to immerse myself in the Truth of what God says about the blessing and wealth that comes from Him. The result? A true miracle that meant we received an insurance payout that caused us to be very well provided for financially. We were in total awe of the way God moves and how He is faithful to His word. If we’re serious about believing in Him, He’s serious about looking after us.

After both of these experiences, we decided that we’d like to take some time out to spend together and booked a three month sabbatical to the States. While we were there, we realised that God was preparing us for a whole new phase in our lives. We both distinctly felt that we were passing from one stage to the next and that we were to take time to hear what that was. It was clear . The time had come for us to move. We returned to the UK and got busy being obedient.

We talked to the LORD and He began to make sure that everyone and everything we were responsible for were looked after and taken care of. It was as if He worked with us to love on everyone around us and miracle after miracle began to occur.

We started to clear our house and literally opened up the doors and just gave everything away. 11 years of hoarding and we were systematically cutting ourselves loose from the past. We’d just given something away that was worth well over £300 and the Holy Spirit whispered to me that in Heaven’s economic system, He would return to us far more than what £300 could buy in the natural. It has truly been such an eye opener to be able to let go of ‘things’. It brings such a release when they no longer have a hold on us. Along the journey we have been given the opportunity to trust in God or trust in us/things and, day by day, we’re choosing to trust in Him more.

So, as often happens on a journey of faith, everything was flowing really smoothly – until we hit the wall! We were eagerly awaiting a decision that would confirm that we were on the right path and, within the space of a week, everything we thought would happen – fell through. It was quite surreal. There we were, looking at each other with tears streaming down my face, shocked to the core. In an effort to console each other we were quoting scripture and trying so hard to be brave, but all the while it felt as if the world was falling apart. We had passed the point of no return and, to be brutally honest, we were really confused and afraid.

The next few days passed with all the fears that had surfaced running rampant in my head. I asked the questions we all usually ask when it seems as if everything is falling apart. “Why is this happening to us God? Why would You bring us this far and then pull the rug out from underneath our feet? What on Earth are we supposed to do now?” After a couple of days (and many tears), I heard the Holy Spirit say something that has forever altered my thinking. He simply said, “you’re asking the wrong question. Ask Me why you’re feeling so bad about what’s happened?”. So, I did. As we began to explore this question and its unfolding answer, He showed me that all my hopes had been securely anchored on the outcome of my faith – not on the One in whom my faith is based.
It had seemed that if what I was believing for had come to pass, then I thought it would solve the specific things that I was most fearful about. When it all fell through, it was like all the fears crowded in at the same time and I completely lost hope. And that felt absolutely awful.

As the Holy Spirit and I unfolded the fullness of the truth that I had all my hopes wrapped up in an outcome that I thought would ‘solve’ all my problems instead of in the fact that when my focus is on God He then looks after everything, things became more and more clear. The answer was simple – keep my focus on God!

After accepting this new revelation and asking for the Holy Spirit’s help to live it, hope returned and we were able to ask the next question. “LORD, if our journey doesn’t look like what we thought it did, then what does it look like?”

As soon as we asked this question, the answers began to flow again. It was like the decision to realign and put Him back into first place where He belongs, removed the blockage. We prayed and sought wise counsel and a new direction emerged. Once we had it, we went full steam ahead, asking for guidance all the way.

One of the most powerful lessons we’ve learned on this journey is to be open and willing to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. When He puts His finger on an area in our thinking or behaviour that isn’t good for us and doesn’t glorify God or accomplish His will, we try to get out of the way and let Him heal us. We’ve found that the quicker we do this, the more we flow in His plan. And, to be honest, that’s where we want to be more than anything else.

So, when we received new direction, we applied to go to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and, after a vigorous interview process, we’ve been accepted. God worked so miraculously that, through a demonstration of the saying ‘if it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill’ we’ve received another payout that will pay for most of 3 years tuition at the school!

We’ve now reached the stage of the adventure where our flights are booked, visas approved, accommodation secured and house rented. We’re saying our last goodbyes to the people who mean so much to us. Those who have walked with us on the adventure thus far. And, as we step into the relative unknown of the next stage of our lives, even though we both have butterflies, we’re also very excited. The vision we have is of an adult holding the hands of two little children as they pass through the airport turnstiles. God in the middle as He guides us, His children, into this new phase. For our part, we’re holding on tight and letting Him do what He loves to do – lead us to a whole new level, as we trust Him completely.


That’s the journey, so far. If you’d like to see what Episode 2 holds, I’ll be blogging as we go – sharing what God is doing in the lives of two of His children as we take the next step in faith. We’re expecting Him to show off as only He can do and we’d love it if you joined us as we go!

Pop your e-mail address into the space at the top of the page and I’ll let you know when the next blog post is published. Simple as that.

Thank you for walking with us to this point. We pray God’s richest blessings on you and encourage you to ‘keep on keeping on’. Hold on tight as God takes you on your own awesome adventure and, if we don’t see you again here on Earth, we’ll catch up and have a  coffee in Heaven icon smile The Adventure Begins... .


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