The Basics

 The Basics

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I’ve recently been reminiscing and thought again about a couple of times in my life where I felt seriously let down by God.

I cried again as I thought of the tremendous pain I went through at those times and felt the despair, disappointment and anger like it was still fresh. Without exception, we have all experienced times like these and we may still not understand ‘why’, but, at least for me, I can see ‘what for’.

I have learned things from the experiences that stand me in good stead:

  1. God loves us too much to allow us to ‘succeed’ at something when it is driven by fear and done by leaning on our own understanding. Wrong motives and modus operandi.
  2. As we come to rely on Him more and more, we will find that He is more interested in healing and thus eradicating the fear, than engineering the circumstances in such a way that they will soothe the fear. He wants it gone, not pampered.
  3. He doesn’t give up when we whine or cry about how difficult it is.
  4. He doesn’t deliver us from the consequences until we learn the lesson – so that it can NEVER hurt us again.
  5. He doesn’t give in to our fleshly desires until we can handle the spiritual equivalent. We will NOT be financially wealthy until we can treat money as our servant going out to do God’s will instead of allowing the love of it to be our master.
  6. He truly does use all the events of our lives and weaves them together into His perfect plan.

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