The Power of Appreciation


Appreciate 150x112 The Power of AppreciationMy husband works on huge servers that look like the ones in this picture. All through our marriage he has come home and excitedly explained the intricacies and amazing capabilities of UNIX and I have sat patiently and listened and nodded my head at (what I hope are) the appropriate places. His enthusiasm for what he does is really infectious.

Even though I mostly don’t have the faintest idea about the detail of what he does on a day to day basis, I really appreciate what he does. He has a natural love and gifting in the area of computers and I most certainly don’t. I can see though that my appreciation of his love and gift, gives him a sense of value and pride in his skill and in his ability to go out and make a difference, every day.

So, even though you may not understand or share someone’s love of what they do, taking the time to appreciate it in them can be a wonderful way of showing them love.

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