The sun will come out…tomorrow


194999 s 98x150 The sun will come out...tomorrowThere is a definite cyclical pattern that occurs in the life of everyone on the planet. There will be times when you feel fabulous, invincible and as happy as can be and then there will be times when you feel awful, weak and as if you’ll never stop hurting. As I looked at this picture I thought about those two cycles and how our lives move from one to the other, over and over in the ever moving dance of life.

The snow fall was obviously quite heavy as the tread marks that the boots have left, are not shallow. I don’t know if you’ve ever walked through deep snow, but it can be really heavy going as your feet sink all the way through the snow until they hit the ground below. Then you have to pull your foot back out of the indentation you’ve just made and do it all again. It can be really tiring and exerting work, with progress being mighty slow.

If these periods last a long time you can become cold, weary and feel hopelessness stealthily creeping into your attitude and outlook on life.

One thing you can be ABSOLUTELY sure of though is that a time will come when the events of life take an upward turn, just as surely as the sun coming out…tomorrow. Whether you see that upturn and embrace it is the choice you get to make, but come it will!

I encourage you to hold on and just keep putting one foot in front of the other, over and over and over again.

Just make sure that you’re going east.

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