The Ups and Downs of Relationships

rel The Ups and Downs of RelationshipsMy daughter and I sat talking about relationships tonight. I found myself saying to her that ups and downs in a relationship, is perfectly normal.

In any relationship, be it parental, spousal, familial or casual, issues will arise from time to time. It’s the walking and working through those issues, that makse a relationship strong enough to weather both the good times and the bad.

There are things about my husband that get on my last nerve – I mean seriously – the last one I have left. Similarly there are things I say and do that irritate the living daylights out of him too. Habits that just won’t go, mannerisms that hang around and attitudes that are just plain wrong – we all have aspects of our nature that are an irritant to others and there are things that we, in turn, can’t stand.

I think the thing I’ve learned the most in our 14 years of marriage is to see past the irritating behaviour and concentrate on how much I love the person behind the behaviour. This really helps me to stay in love with him, even when I find him irritating.

Ups and downs in relationships are perfectly normal. In fact, they’re a very healthy way of making strong foundations. Learning to work through them well, is all part of the wonderful journey.

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