There may be trouble ahead

DSC02417 150x100 There may be trouble aheadAren’t clouds fascinating? I’ve been watching them race past my office window; each one with its own specific shape and colour. Some of them are pure white whilst others are a dark and murky grey colour. It struck me that the ones that are white and fluffy make you feel good and light whilst the ones that are dark and murky give you a feeling of trouble ahead.

It’s the same with the people we meet every day. Isn’t it funny how you can instantly tell when someone is in a good mood because you get the same feeling from them that you get from the light, white cloud? But when someone is in a foul mood, you know it straight away as their face looks like the dark murky cloud.

Just as the dark cloud is heavy with rain and just waiting for the right circumstances in which to let go of the load it is carrying, so too are we when we’re in a bad mood.

Too often we fight with someone when they’re in that mood as we raise our defenses in order to protect ourself from the deluge. But you know what the best thing is to do? Treat the individual with as much love as you can as they’re obviously carrying a heavy load and it just needs to be relieved before they can be in a good mood again. When we try to treat each other well when we see the ‘trouble ahead’, there’s a far better chance of a deluge that lasts only a short time as opposed to a long and prolonged soaking.

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