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curls 150x150 Try, and then try again

I must admit to being a total ‘info-junkie’. I’m always looking for proven ways to improve the way I live my life.

So, with that in mind, I decided to go to YouTube and find a way to curl my hair, without having to use heat. It never ceases to amaze me how much informtion is available, right at our fingertips. There were lots of videos all showing different ways to do what I asked for.

For anyone who has tried to grow their hair, you know that the less heat, colouring and products you use, the better the chances are of having long hair (before you die!). So, I use a fabulous hair oil (Amla Oil) and try to use heat as little as possible. My hair is already quite long, so it’s more important that I look after what I already have really well so that it can stay healthy and continue to grow.

The tips and techniques that appealed to me the most were the ones where I could put ‘curlers’ in my hair and sleep with them in overnight, waking up to beautiful ‘beach curls’ the next morning! Voila – problem solved! My kinda equation – minimal effort + minimal time = desired result. The method that appealed to me the most was the one where you take baby wipes, fold them into long strips, wind your sectioned hair around the wipe, tie a knot in it to secure it, go to sleep and hey presto – curly, non heat treated curls in the morning!

So, I duly traipsed off to the supermarket, venturing into an aisle that I know nothing about… in search of the baby wipes. I washed my hair and, a little impatiently, waited until it was almost dry and started to ‘wind it up’ icon smile Try, and then try again . I must admit to having one of the most uncomfortable night’s sleep I’ve had in ages, because even though the wipes are softer than curlers, you still feel like you’re sleeping on a pothole filled road in deepest Africa!

IMG 1667 350x350 Try, and then try again

I woke up in excited expectation of having finally found a way to do my hair that didn’t take an hour at a time, and began to attempt to unwind the wipes from my hair. All I can say is that, in addition to contorting my arms into all sorts of funny poses, I eventually had to just pull the wipes out once they’d gotten thoroughly wedged.

The most disappointing thing was that my hair, after 7 hours of sleep, was still wet! I just left the curls as they were and let them dry as I got ready for the day. By the time 11 o’clock came, I had a total frizz bomb on my head!

Not to be put off though, I duly waited until evening and this time I adjusted what hadn’t worked the night before. Firstly, my hair was now dry. Secondly, I took larger sections of hair so that the curls wouldn’t be so tight. Thirdly, I took more care when winding the hair so that it didn’t get tangled and fourthly, I re-arranged the bunches so that the places where my head touches the pillow were smooth so that I could get some sleep icon smile Try, and then try again

I woke up this morning and the changes seem to have worked – well, mostly. I slept much better, the curls are actual curls and not frizz, the wipes came out much easier BUT the curls look like little piggy tails on my head. It’s so funny, I have these really tight little  springs that are so curled that my hair looks like it’s shrunk to just below my shoulders.

curly 350x350 Try, and then try again

I’ll continue to try all the permutations I can think of – adding a little bit of product, making the baby wipe curlers as thick as I can etc etc, until I either get the result that I want or, after trying all that I can think of, I’ll decide that this technique won’t work for me and go looking for another one.

So, for now – it’s all been confined to a clip. But it looks like one little curl refuses to be denied her freedom!

IMG 1684 350x350 Try, and then try again

So, the moral of the story?

  • Have a vision of what you want
  • Go looking for ways to get it
  • Of the solutions you find – use the one that’s been the most successful for others.
  • Try it and tweak it until it either does what you want it to do or you find that it won’t deliver.
  • Rinse and repeat!

All part of the wonderful adventure we call life icon smile Try, and then try again


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