Turn away!

2846270 s 112x150 Turn away!I was driving along this morning and, as I regularly do, I turned my thoughts to the day ahead. So often we just coast along with the default ‘feeling’ we have of the day and I am much more partial to actually creating what I ‘feel’ about the day. I remind myself of the truths that I know and set my mind and feelings on that path.

I realised that I have the greatest gift to give to the world today. When I look over the ‘truths’ that I know, they all come from my relationship with God.

Now, let’s look at this for a moment. Regardless of how I’m ‘feeling’ today, the Truth is that:

  • I am special. Created specifically, lovingly and for a unique purpose.
  • I am beloved. When I wake up in the morning it puts a great big smile on God’s face that I’m up and going to spend time with Him.
  • I am assured of a great life. God’s plans for me are good. Now that doesn’t mean that what I go through will always feel or seem ‘good’ in my eyes, but guaranteed – it will be good for me in the long run.
  • I get to be blessed AND be a blessing. There’s no greater ‘high’ in the whole world than being in your groove and fulfilling your life’s purpose. As I hold onto God’s hand, listen to and obey His voice and walk with Him, I get to live every day to the fullest.

I tell you – by the time I’m finished reminding myself of all of these things, I’m ready to go! Ready to enjoy the day. Ready to learn whatever I need to learn. Ready to experience whatever comes along.

Remind yourself of the Truth, every day (and sometimes even a couple of times a day) and you’ll find yourself coping far better with whatever comes your way.

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