Walking in proven footsteps

 Walking in proven footstepsWe had 5 inches of snow overnight and woke up to the beautiful scenes we generally only see on Christmas cards.

My family and I went out running around like excited children at 8am, making sure we left our ‘mark’ in the virgin snow.

As I was out taking the dogs for their walk in the park, I realised that it is far easier to walk in someone else’s footsteps than it is to try to make new one’s on my own. This is so true in life as well. I have always found that it is far easier to find a credible source of information and follow it.

When I want to learn something new or get some information that can help me to correct a problem, I look for an expert in that area. Too often we will take advice about finances from the broke man next door or tips on raising children from the spinster at the library. Make sure that the source of your information is someone that has been successful in the area that you’re looking at – because only a solid, proven base of knowledge can produce successful results.

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