Warmth Melts the Ice

Warm melts ice

Warm melts ice 150x112 Warmth Melts the IceThere are certain parts of the lake in our park where the water temperature is warmer than in other areas and it makes a noticeable difference to the surface of the lake.

As you can see in the photo, the section closest to the side wall of the lake is water whilst the area around it is completely frozen. Just as applying warmth to ice will melt it, so will applying cold to water, freeze it.

It’s funny that that’s the way being in the room with a ‘warm’ or a ‘cold’ person, affects us too. That’s where the sayings come from ‘she gave me the cold shoulder’ or ‘he gives me a warm feeling inside’. This is where we get to choose if WE are going to be the cold person or the warm person in any interaction.

Remember that warmth always melts the ice and your decision to be warm to someone can make a great deal of positive difference to their day.

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