What do you really believe?

 What do you really believe?

When we have a truly strong foundation in what it is that we believe, a situation could come up that is in contrast to our belief and we would see that it doesn’t match and will thus dismiss it.

We know that grass is green, so when someone comes up to us and tries to sell us a patch of red grass, we will know that there is no such thing as red grass and we will therefore not buy it. The only way we would KNOW that there is no such thing as red grass is because of the definite knowledge we have that grass is green.

Similarly, when we KNOW something for ourselves and are totally secure in that knowledge then nothing that is contrary to it can sway us away from that knowledge.

So, the next crucial step is to look at the beliefs you currently hold and see if they are true. If you don’t know that what you believe determines how you act in life and thus what you experience in life, you have taken on board all sorts of erroneous beliefs when your guard was down. You may have inadvertently taken on board the belief that grass is red and been confused and conflicted every day when what you experience in life did not match up with what you believed.

Once you have found out what beliefs you already hold, you now need to determine what truth you will use to measure them against to test their validity. The measure of truth that I use is the Bible. 

When I feel conflicted, frustrated, unsure or in turmoil, I sit down and get to the root of the emotion. I find the belief that is causing me to act this way. Once I have determined what belief is active, I hold it up to the truth of the Bible and see what the word of God has to say bout the belief. I already know that it won’t line up because of the turmoil I feel inside, so now I have the opportunity to discard the old incorrect belief and replace it with the Truth.

In Romans 12:2 it says that we are to be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of our minds [by its new ideals and its new attitude]…

Simple as that…transform yourself and your life by discarding the old erroneous beliefs and replacing them with the Truth.

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