When you’re angry


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Something happened in my household this weekend at which I got very angry. The air in my head was dark blue!

One of the mistakes I have constantly made in the past is to let that dark blue air come out of my mouth and all the hurt from which that anger comes, just inflicts hurt on others. When I’ve calmed down a bit I realise the damage I’ve caused and genuinely regret it.

Of course this isn’t something we tend to think about when we’re all caught up in the heat of the emotional reaction. It’s like reason goes out of the window and we react from a primal place which is just interested in getting our own way and making us feel better.

So, my journey is learning to keep my mouth shut when I get angry, hurt or fearful and to wait a little while until the emotional reaction has subsided. When I’m calmer and can think clearly, it is then that I properly look at what I can learn from the situation and assess what really happened.

In learning to do things this way I am hurting myself and others a lot less. I’m being healed in the process and learning not to let my hurt – hurt others.

So, when the air in your head is turning dark blue, find a way that helps you to calm down – and learn to take action only when the heated emotion is gone.

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