Where do you 'spend' your energy?

 Where do you 'spend' your energy?

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So often we get stuck in contemplating the past.

Going over all of our mistakes, failings and wrong turns along the way. This, in turn, becomes a monologue that relentlessly replays over and over again in our heads until we want to scream!

Worse still, this repetitive reinforcement makes deep grooves in our belief systems which eventually determine the way we behave. The whole cycle becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy where the thoughts we think create the reality we then live.

The good news is that there are ways to change this destructive pattern of thinking; ways to jump out of the loop and begin to make new grooves which will create new beliefs and, in turn, create a better life.

Accept where you are right now and choose to ‘spend’ your energy on thoughts of what you’d like to see instead of what you used to see. It pays far greater dividends my friend.

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