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mail 150x150 Youve Got MailI love to watch people. Our habits, our behaviours and our little quirks all fascinate me.

Walking through a city centre these days, I see lots of people either talking on their phones or typing into them, and I asked myself a question – why are we so attracted to the fact that we can be reached at any time?

One of the fundamental needs of each one of us is to feel wanted. So we see why we’re becoming ‘hooked’ on the fact that we can now not only take calls, receive text messages but also connect with social media, all from our phone handsets.

My question to you is: Are you so aware of that little sound that tells you that someone is interacting with you that you’re becoming addicted to the attention?

Remember that there is no promise that anyone else can make you truly happy. We are humans and we will let each other down at some point – that’s just a fact. If you’re not working on being happy with yourself, regardless of whether anyone is ‘wanting’ you or not, then you’re giving away your power to be truly happy, to another.

Try switching the device off for an afternoon and just spending time with YOU.

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